COVID-19/2020-21 School Year

General Information

• The school day will be from 8am-2pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &
Friday. Every Wednesday’s hours will be 8am-1pm to accommodate for
alternative learning options.
• All parents MUST complete the Risk & Waiver of Liability before attending
• No parent will be allowed into the building in order to stop the spread of
COVID-19. A staff member will walk your child to their assigned classroom in
the morning and a staff member will be outside each afternoon to escort
your child to their vehicle for dismissal.
• If a parent does need to meet with a staff member, a scheduled meeting
must be made prior to the date.
• The Students will practice social distancing when applicable inside the
building by attempting to remain 6 feet apart from other classes.
• Cloth face coverings will be encouraged to be worn to help prevent the
spread of COVID-19, but not mandatory.
• If a student feels sick, they will be asked to stay home, and we will
connect them on the VL platform so they can still be a part of the class.
• Temperature checks will be done twice a day. Once before entering the
building or the bus and once again around 11am. Staff will keep a daily
log of temperatures. If a student has a temperature that is 100.4 or above,
they will take a short rest before their temperature is taken again. If the
temperature is still too high, they will be sent home immediately.


• Surfaces that would be sterilized and cleaned throughout the day and during any transitions
• Doorknobs/Door handles/Doors
• Light switches
• Tables
• Chairs
• Faucets
• Toilets

• All of these surfaces would be treated as high-contact areas, which would require cleaning and disinfecting.
• 1) Clean: Warm water and soap Blue Jay Academy re-opening Care Plan for Daytona, DeLand & Palm Coast
• 2) Disinfect: 3 prioritized options for disinfecting a surface
a) Clean with an EPA-Approved disinfectant
b) If EPA-approved chemical is not available, then a bleach
mixture is suggested. (1/3 cup of bleach for a gallon of water.
c) If the EPA-Approved chemical or bleach is not available, then
an alcohol solution with at least 70% alcohol is to be used.
• For Outside Areas
• Normal routine cleaning is required, but NOT disinfecting.
• Disinfecting outside materials/surfaces/sidewalks/roads/etc. is
considered a waste of disinfecting materials. 2

Before Classes Begins
• CDC recommends that if an area has been unoccupied for 7 days or
more then normal cleaning would need to be done before hand. 3
o This would require just cleaning with soap and water.
o The virus has been shown to not survive on surfaces for this
amount of time. 4

During Normal School Hours
• Maintaining personal hygiene and cleaning.
o Hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds. We will be
practicing proper hand washing throughout the day every hour
in each class.
o If soap is unavailable, then use of hand sanitizer with at least 60%
alcohol content.
• After use of tissues and paper towels, they are immediately to be
thrown away and hands washed or sanitized if soap is unavailable.

After Daily Classes
• An assigned staff member will rotate to stay and clean and disinfect after
school concludes.
o They will be properly trained on the above-mentioned procedures
to ensure proper cleaning occurs.

1 On the EPA’s list of approved chemicals that will disinfect and kill COVID-19, some of the
“special” chemicals listed are Lysol-brand products or Clorox-brand products, so if they are in
2 See the CDC document entitled “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting”, page 3 under the
section “Is the area outdoors?”
3 “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting”, page 4 under section entitled “Has the area been
unoccupied for the last 7 days?”
4 Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting”, page 4 under section entitled “Has the area been
unoccupied for the last 7 days?”


o All other staff members will be trained on the proper cleaning
procedures in the event that staff member is unable to be there
that day.

• For any high-energy activities, these will be preformed outside.
o There is better circulation of air outside and more room to move
o The students and leaders will still be observing appropriate social
distancing procedures as available.

o During Lunch, students will be responsible to heat up their own food
if possible; otherwise, the teacher will wear gloves and a mask while
preparing the student’s food.
o Inside and outside seating options available for secondary classes.
o Dismissal for lunch will be staggered and each teacher will sanitize
after his or her class has finished eating.
o Any class with 6 or more students will have split lunches. One group
will be outside at recess while the other is at lunch, and then rotate.
o Staggered seating will be assigned in each cafeteria. No student
will be next to another or facing another at any seating
o Students MUST bring their own bowls and utensils for lunch.
o NO food will be shared amongst the students or teachers.
Water Fountain
• Water fountains will be closed off and unavailable for use.
• Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to refill throughout the

• All materials used throughout the day will be wiped down with the
recommended disinfectant at the end of the day.
• Students will be encouraged to only use their personal writing supplies at
all times.
• Individual kits will be available during class with prepared materials.

• Volunteers will not be permitted at this time.

Transportation (bus riders)
• For bus riders, masks will be HIGHLY encouraged and provided for
students who don’t have them.
• Seating will be assigned to allow two students per seat. Students will have
to load and unload in a specific order.
• Temperature guidelines will follow as on campus: temperatures will be
taken before getting on the bus and sanitization will occur upon entering
and exiting the vehicle.

Aftercare & Tardiness
• Pick up time is strictly at 2pm (Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri) and 1pm on Wed. Any
student who is not picked up on time will be charged $10 to their
account. This will ensure teachers and staff can properly clean and
disinfect for the next class day.
• Aftercare will be a weekly basis. The fee is $50/week no matter how many
days your student attends aftercare.
• You must register for aftercare with the front office and there is a cap on
the number of students we can accommodate for aftercare due to
safety and distancing guidelines.
• The same protocols apply for dismissal and end of day cleaning and
sterilizing for ALL aftercare staff members.

The following safety precautions will be taken for all staff:
• Daily temperature checks upon entering the building.
• Enforced social distancing during common areas.
• Face coverings or masks will be mandatory.
• Frequent daily cleaning of high traffic areas during class.
• Training on all safety procedures: the use of hand sanitizer, and PPE.
• Staff will be notified of confirmed cases of COVID-19.
• If an employee is sent home by their supervisor after prolonged or close
contact with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 but is not
symptomatic, a remote work environment may be approved based on
job responsibilities. The employee must contact the principal for a
• Employees who have close contact with a confirmed positive case of
COVID-19 without the use of personal protective equipment will be sent
home; an employee who has close contact with the use of protective
equipment will be required to notify their supervisor, monitor their
symptoms and isolate as much as possible, but can continue to work.
• If an employee is symptomatic or has risk factors that prevent them from
physically reporting to work, they are eligible for a determined set of paid
hours with physician documentation. They are also able to use sick or
annual leave, take a leave of absence or take up to 60 days of unpaid
leave per calendar year under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Service Providers
• Any provider entering the building must check in with the front office and
or principal.
• All providers must have their temperature checked before entering.
• A 1 time COVID-19 screening must be completed and signed on the first
day of service.
• Masks are mandatory for all providers.
• All areas used by the provider must be cleaned and sterilized after use.
• A schedule must be submitted and approved prior to service.

Virtual Learning
Students will complete self-paced lessons as assigned by their teacher. The day should be planned
accordingly, so that the student can complete the assignments in a timely manner. The student should also
have the appropriate device to complete the assignments given if electing for VL.

• VL will start on Monday August 31, 2020. The grading period for the 2020-
2021 school year will also start at this time.
• VL will be paperless. We will not be preparing booklets or packets.
• The VL platform will be released prior to the start date with instructions on
how to download, login and access your classroom. At this time, we will
not be using Class Dojo as it was not student friendly during the first VL
• Teachers will be available from 7:30AM-9:00AM & then again from 2:00PM-4:00PM for
questions or assistance. Please understand and respect their time outside
of those hours as they will be instructing in-person class as well.
• If you email or contact a teacher outside of VL hours, please allow until
the next business day for a response.
• The next day’s work will be posted between 2:00PM-4:00PM. Please follow the
instructions on when to complete and turn in each assignment.
• Wednesday’s 1:00PM-3:00PM will be LIVE class. Teachers will post a zoom link with
the time block on Tuesday at the end of the day for the next day’s class.
During this time, teachers will do a lab, live lesson, art, answer any
questions, etc. This class is MANDATORY for credit. Secondary classes that
share students will make sure not to overlap time blocks.
• All in-person secondary classes will be responsible for their electives
ONLINE for homework. School will dismiss at 2:00PM and each secondary
student will have assigned work online to complete for homework for
supplemented classes.